Presented by Melco Style, the highly anticipated Melco Residency Concert Series got off with a spectacular debut at Studio City – Pop diva Joey Yung made history to kick off the LIVE in Asia’s First Ever Residency Concert Series.

In the next four weekends, the pop icon will continue stepping onto her custom-designed stage at Studio City Event Center and exhilarate all music fans with a total of eight shows in Melco Residency Concert Series ‘Eternity Joey Yung Live in Macau’.

Being the first among the incredible star-studded line up of Melco Residency Concert Series, the talented songstress watched various performances around the world looking for ideas that would inspire her to create a bespoke and marveling stage experience for the Melco limited edition residency concert series.

Under the enthusiastic cheers of 4,000 audiences, Joey appeared with gorgeous brand-new outfit specially designed just for this concert series and stepped onto the stage that has been custom made for her to get closer with her friends. Joey performed many of her Cantonese and Mandarin biggest hits as well as the incredible songs that impressed all audiences at her recent variety show appearances. The result was a stunning musical spectacle and a feast for the senses.

‘It is about the pursuit of dreams is never-ending no matter how hard and cruel the reality is. It is an eternal journey, in which the most beautiful things from within, which cannot be seen or touched.’ They must be felt with heart.’, shared by Ms. Joey Yung when asked about the theming of Melco Residency Concert Series ‘Eternity Joey Yung Live in Macau’.