In these challenging times, with the ongoing fight against COVID-19, SEGA SAMMY CREATION has built a strong presence in the Asian market with our flexible configuration standalone ETG “Baccarat Maximum Fortune”.

It features a Quick Result Display function that allows players to quickly see the result of games without placing bets and an exciting Card Squeeze function.

“Even during the turbulence of the pandemic, we have seen promising performance from our Baccarat games,” said Masahiro Kurosaki, Managing Director at SEGA SAMMY CREATION. “With its advantage of being a stand-alone ETG, many operators easily achieve social distancing requirements by banking in creative ways. This allows more product to be activated and that maximizes performance.”

“There is no doubt that during these times, player preferences have shifted to playing stand-alone ETGs from table games for the purpose of keeping physical distance from other players,” explained Kurosaki. “We have also seen a lot of success with operators placing our machines nearby live baccarat pits to provide a lower price-point option.”

“We expect the demand of ETGs is going to grow, especially when the COVID restrictions are eased in Asia. We take this circumstance as an opportunity to bring our ETG series with all its unique functions into the various Asian markets next year.”