Maximize your potential return and impact on your ETG and LED products with IDX Games’ X-Stadium.

X-Stadium not only gives you total control and flexibility at your fingertips, but also unlimited ways to impress, wow and attract more players into your venue.

X-Stadium is an advanced show control system that integrates into any ETGs (Electronic Table Games) stadium, as well as any display or LED product. No matter what the size, X-Stadium is a powerful addition for marketing both in-game action and main floor attractions using our unique “One Canvas” solution and content.

With full customization and total flexibility of the entire screen, configurable anytime from the touch screen panel, you can change layouts, input live streaming events, present sports TV, World Cup Soccer games or more.

With the addition of the X-Marketing module, X-Stadium means no more wasted opportunities showing dead or closed games. With the built-in scheduler and marketing planner in our unique module, you can also turn your screen into the biggest marketing attraction at your casino.

X-Stadium has built-in logic that analyses every game result, highlighting Hot Trends, Hot Tables, or specialty bets and wins which players should be aware of. These highlights have been shown to improve both player engagement as well as play rates.

With the ability to promote and prompt player actions, as well as celebrate big wins over the entire screen canvas, you can bring the ‘WOW’ factor and recognition back to your players. You can even import and promote Major Slot Jackpots on the same canvas.

ETGs are the biggest growing sector in electronic gaming. No matter what gaming product you choose, X-Stadium will integrate with your existing system and drive your display – in ways that will not only make your life easier, but also ensure you maximize capital and improve your competitive advantage, keeping your players engaged with the best production and content.

Talk to us about how we can improve your existing product or plan your new installation and get you ready for Qatar 2022 today.