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GLI: Setting the standards for online testing

Online gaming is growing in leaps and bounds all over the world. As jurisdictions seek to respond to consumer demand, suppliers have responded with a fantastic range of online gaming solutions.

GLI has created several standards that help both suppliers and regulators in the development and deployment of online gaming, and testing plays a key role in the larger compliance assurance process.

Arguably the Random Number Generator (RNG) is the most important component of an online gaming system, as it is a critical method for game outcome determination.

Full, quality testing of RNGs is essential to ensure non-predictability, that no biases exist toward certain game outcomes, and to boost consumer confidence.

GLI has the most experienced and robust RNG testing methodologies in the world. This includes software-based (pseudo-algorithmic) RNGs, hardware RNGs, mechanical RNGs, and hybrid combinations of the previous ones. An RNG Test Suite is applied for randomness testing of the RNG intended applications. Moreover, our analysts perform source code review to make sure all jurisdictional requirements are met. 

GLI’s RNG evaluations include a range of elements and can include:

  • General RNG analysis
  • Source code review
  • Assessment for the RNG period
  • Investigation of seeding/re-seeding
  • Background cycling/activity inspection
  • DIEHARD battery of tests 
  • Final outcome statistical analysis
  • Cryptographic security
  • Live monitoring of the randomness

GLI uses custom software written and validated through the collaborative effort of in-house mathematicians and industry consultants. 

GLI’s RNG testing is part of the company’s integrated approach to compliance, which encompasses four crucial areas: regulatory compliance, technical compliance, end-to-end testing, and full lifecycle compliance. With this approach, GLI’s customers are better prepared to navigate the future of gaming with confidence. Visit for more information.

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