BBIN is returning to live events and looking forward to a reunion with the industry in 2022, revolving around the theme of “the Gaming Beat.”

The Gaming Beat” resonates with the original intention of leveraging corporate sustainability and driving business performance since the establishment of the TGB Charity in 2018. BBIN marks a new phase in its charitable endeavors by taking a holistic and interconnecting approach to accentuate the positive impact internally in its enterprise and externally to the industry and the iGaming ecosystem.

In practice, we are noticing the Covid19 challenge has accelerated technological innovations and developments. As BBIN constantly adapts to the world situation and pours investment into frontier technologies, BBIN also highlights the importance of a balanced pace that can enable more sustainable patterns of growth and mitigate environmental degradation or create new inequality issues.

In short, BBIN pursues inclusive and sustainable outcomes through purposeful efforts, encapsulated in its past and upcoming “The Gaming Beat” programs.

In 2021, BBIN collaborated with organizations and institutes around the world in several focus areas, including education, environmental protection, and wildlife conservation.

The collaboration with PoH (Playground of Hope) in Japan helped the underprivileged groups of an earthquake-affected community, while the Saath program in India promotes the importance of sanitary education and provides essential resources to improve the local living quality.

In the latest program for saving wildlife, BBIN has interconnected with six animal charities around the world to address the complexities of biological diversity and urgency of wildlife conservation.

BBIN has conducted these programs from a long-term perspective in order to measure the effectiveness and embed these values into the core of its business.

We believe these meaningful endeavors and long-term focus will eventually navigate us through the transition period and finally arrive at a new-normal era, where a prosperous and sustainable future is perfectly balanced.