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Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Jurisdictional breakdown: Isle of Man

Good Morning. Looking to set up shop in the Isle of Man? AGB has the perfect breakdown for you, identifying exactly which licenses are available, what taxation rates and costs apply, where you can operate and whether a license in that particular jurisdiction is the best for you. Meanwhile, a foundation in Victoria has published a study on the links between alcohol consumption and the tendency to gamble, indicating that those who are heavy drinkers are more inclined to try their luck.

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Online Gambling Jurisdictions breakdown: Isle of Man

In a special series, AGB takes an in-depth look at the grey market licensing jurisdictions, this time with a particular focus on the Isle of Man. Everything from licensing types, to costs and taxation rates, time needed and applicability of the licenses is laid out in explicit detail, aiming to clarify necessary procedures and attractiveness of the license types for those interested in setting up shop in the space.

Corporate Spotlight

What are the main compliance trends in the iGaming industry

More countries are legalizing and/or strengthening control over the iGaming industry. Despite the AML vulnerabilities of the sector being presented by FATF back in 2008, not all member countries have implemented corresponding standards in local legislation yet. Sumsub a full-cycle verification platform provides insights into the main compliance trends in the iGaming space.

A complete guide to the 1xBet affiliate program

A complete guide to the 1xBet, affiliate program

1xBet, a leading global betting company, introduced its affiliate program in 2016, quickly becoming renowned within the industry and earning recognition at the SBC Awards.

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AGBrief Editorial
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