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Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: AI and cyber resilience are key, says an expert

Good MorningRegulation is key, and even more so as times change. The head of the International Gaming Standards Association says that regulators are facing an uphill battle as they try to balance industry growth with bad actors, with AI and cyber resilience as key factors. Meanwhile, in Macau, the tourism peak is lifting up all boats, but retail appears to be slacking.

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Why the industry needs regulation: AI and cyber resilience

The gaming industry is at a crossroads, and the only ones who can figure out how to guide it have to be impartial. That’s where the International Gaming Standards Association comes in, with its new Chair, Nimish Purohit, laying out what is needed to keep the industry balanced and how to communicate with regulators across the world to make it happen.

Corporate Spotlight

Know Your Enemy: An Interactive Guide to Online Gaming Fraud

Sumsub, Online Gaming Fraud, verification platform

Online gaming fraud is on the rise in the iGaming industry. In Q1 2022, there was an 85% increase in fake account registrations compared to Q4 2021. While players are undoubtedly affected by gaming fraud, iGaming platforms also suffer due to damaged reputations, huge financial losses, and legal consequences.

How 1xBet dominates the Asian market: conditions and approach

1xBet, Asian Market

1xBet operates in several dozen countries in Asia, and the number of partners in this region is growing steadily, which indicates the effectiveness of the 1xPartners affiliate program. The brand offers favorable conditions and a modern set of tools for making money on the Internet.

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