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Singapore among most opposed jurisdictions to online gaming

Almost six in ten Singapore adults think online gambling should not be allowed, the fourth highest globally, YouGov’s latest whitepaper research on the often-overlooked perspective of the consumer in the debate finds.

YouGov’s latest report reveals that almost six in ten people in Singapore (56%) think online gambling should not be allowed, above the global average of two in five (46%). 

This makes the Republic the fourth most opposed to online gambling globally, with only people in Spain (57%), India (57%), and China (56%) expressing greater resistance.

YouGov’s latest report, Global Gambling 2022: The consumer view in the gambling debate, explores how both the consumers of gambling products and those who do not participate think about gambling and its place in society. 

As gaming revenue in Singapore returns to 70 percent of pre-COVID levels, with future development at the Republic’s two Integrated Resorts planned, it appears the sector is set to deliver future growth. But what do people in Singapore and around the world think about gambling? 

Covering 18 international markets, the report looks at some key areas of debate around gambling, from the opening up of the sports-betting and online opportunities to the issues that have emerged around gambling advertising, through to the position of the lottery in the public consciousness, land-based gambling’s place post-pandemic and the legitimacy of gambling.

A deeper dive into Singapore data indicates that older generations are generally more likely to express negative sentiment toward online gambling.

While just over one in four Gen Zs and Millennials said online gambling should not be allowed (45% for Gen Z; 44% for Millennials), six in ten Gen Xers (62%) and almost seven in ten Baby Boomers said the same (68%).

Residents were also polled on their opinion toward current rules and regulations on online gambling, which found just a quarter agreeing that legislation in Singapore is too strict (25%). 

Slightly more disagreed that rules are too strict (40%), while a substantial third were undecided and said they do not know (36%).

Looking across generations, Singapore Gen Zs (28%) and Gen Xers (28%) were most likely to say rules here are too strict, while Millennials were most likely to express the opposite sentiment (44%). 

Meanwhile, Baby Boomers were significantly more likely to say they were unsure (43%).

For more insights and analysis, download the full Global Gambling 2022: The consumer view in the gambling debate report here.

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