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​​BetConstruct introduces a new sports pool solution upgrading the traditional betting realm

BetConstruct launches its game-changing sports pool solution – Pool Masters, for a thrilling betting experience and enhanced customer engagement.

Pool Masters is a leading-edge sports pool solution aimed at elevating the traditional sports betting industry for gaming operators who want to engage their players with new exciting experiences. The sports pool allows participants to predict the outcomes of multiple sporting events to compete for a shared prize pool from various matches and games.

Pool Masters involves participants purchasing entries or tickets and selecting their predictions for the outcomes of specific sports events. The prize pool is funded by the entry fees of participants, and it grows larger as more people join the pool. The winnings are then distributed among the participants who make correct predictions. With Pool Masters, sportsbook operators can elevate user excitement by integrating jackpot functionalities into their platforms and unlocking new revenue streams.

Pool Masters’ customisable platform caters to diverse markets’ needs, offering smooth integration with existing systems through seamless integration. With comprehensive pool management, detailed analytics, and multi-channel support, the platform ensures an effortless user experience. In addition, it allows efficient handling of increased traffic while dedicated account management and customer support guarantee satisfaction at every step.

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