The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator’s new Tournament Tool is off to a strong start with its first set of tournaments, showing outstanding results in online casinos and receiving enthusiastic participation from players worldwide.

While the functionality is constantly expanding, the tool’s benefits come to the fore right at the outset. Besides adding zest to conventional gameplay, engaging and customisable tournaments help operators drive their retention rates and increase casino revenue streams.

The Tournament Tool’s advantages are available to all SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator’s clients. Operators can set up tournaments based on any game in the hub’s extensive library to entertain audiences from all across the globe and track the performance of such campaigns. Furthermore, the connection does not require additional development or design resources – tournaments can be customised with designed presets and integrated widgets, which allows operators to keep their own brand identity.

Tatyana Kaminskaya, Head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, comments on the benefits the Tournament Tool unlocks for operators: “At SOFTSWISS, we understand that players are looking for engaging and immersive experiences. With the Tournament Tool, we can deliver that while helping our clients achieve their business goals.