PLAYSTUDIOS reduces staff by 14 percent

PLAYSTUDIOS, Inc has initiated an internal reorganization plan (the “Plan”) which is intended to enhance efficiency and reduce operating expenses. The Plan includes a reduction of the Company’s current total global workforce by approximately 14 percent.

The Company expects to substantially complete the personnel reduction by the end of the second quarter of fiscal year 2023, but the timing of certain reductions will vary based on job function and location, including local legal requirements.

The Company estimates that it will incur approximately $4.5 million to $5.5 million in charges in connection with the Plan, which will be substantially incurred in the first and second quarters of fiscal year 2023. These charges primarily relate to employee transition, severance payments, employee benefits, stock-based compensation, and lease termination costs.

The estimates of the charges and expenditures that the Company expects to incur in connection with the Plan, and the timing thereof, are subject to a number of assumptions, including local law requirements in various jurisdictions, and actual amounts may differ materially from estimates. In addition, the Company may incur other charges or cash expenditures not currently contemplated due to unanticipated events that may occur, including in connection with the implementation of the Plan.