IPI tells court it has no money to pay consent judgment

Imperial Pacific International is pleading to the US District Court for the NMI for a payment plan with the US Department of Labor, saying that they lack the funds to pay the judgment before the court’s deadline. Meanwhile, Xerox Saipan has asked the court to enter a default judgment against IPI for failing to respond to its lawsuit within the time allowed.

IPI wants a payment plan for the consent judgment (Saipan Tribune)

Xerox seeks default judgment vs IPI (Saipan Tribune)

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Poor regulation undermines CNMI gaming industry

“As soon as we catch up on our cash flow, we will also catch up on payroll,” a spokesperson for the casino resort in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands told reporters.

IPI first settlement to US Dept Labor paid on time 

Imperial Pacific International first payment to the U.S. The Department of Labor to the tune of $164,000 was paid on time on April 1, according to IPI lawyer Michael Dotts. 

IPI 2020 loss narrows, says it’s a going concern

Imperial Pacific International says its business is still viable despite reporting a loss for the past two years and said its controlling shareholder has pledged to provide finance to settle its liabilities and and potential litigation costs.

IPI chairwoman receives court order to provide copy of her cell phone data

Chief Judge Ramona Manglona of the District Court for the NMI has ordered Imperial Pacific International Chairwoman Cui Li Jie to make a forensic copy of her cell phone, including all WeChat data, as well as her email accounts, messaging accounts or other electronically stored information, in relation to one of the ongoing lawsuits against the firm.
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IPI ordered to pay US$3 million to Pacific Rim

US District Court for the NMI Chief Judge Ramona Manglona has ordered Imperial Pacific International to pay over US$3 million to Pacific Rim Land Development, no later than March 30. for attorney’s fees and costs.

IPI ruled in contempt of court in another case

Chief Judge Ramona Manglona of the District Court for the NMI has ruled that Imperial Pacific International violated her discovery order in connection with the Pacific Rim Land Development case and is in contempt of court.

IPI receivership deadline extended to March 23

The receivership proceedings of Imperial Pacific International was given another extension, this time for another four days until tomorrow, March 23.

IPI given extension to March 19 before receivership

Imperial Pacific International has been given an extension until March 19 to settle its debts before its assets are put into receivership. The company was to have paid millions in back wages and other costs by this Friday. 
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IPI may go into receivership today

Unless Imperial Pacific International pays up nearly US$2 million by 1:30pm local time today, it is expected to go into receivership by court order.

IPI receivers seek clarity on lobby’s crystal dragons

Receivers valuing the assets of Imperial Pacific International are trying to ascertain whether two crystal glass dragons in the property's lobby are listed amongst its assets. The company allegedly paid $10.28 million for the chandeliers.