Nick Xenophon

    Nicholas “Nick” Xenophon is an independent Senator for South Australia and leader of the Nick Xenophon Teampolitical party.

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    GTA calls on SA-Best to withdraw pokies claims

    Australia’s Gaming Technologies Association called on anti-gambling crusader Nick Xenophon’s SA-Best party to withdraw its gaming policy due to two claims that were recently dismissed by a Federal Court. Xenophon pledged to  “Making [poker] machines ‘con-free’ by removing misleading and deceptive features such as near misses and ‘losses disguised as wins’.” On 2 February 2018 […]

    Xenophon moderates pokies policy

    Nick Xenophon, an Australian politician and anti-gambling crusader, has modified his previously hardline approach to the pokies industry, backing away from earlier pledges to push for an all out ban in South Australia. His party, SA Best, now plans to push for a reduction in gaming machines in its policy platform for the upcoming elections […]

    Wesfarmers may exit slots if $1 bets fail

    Australian retail group Wesfarmers says it is not ruling out exiting the EGM business should the government fail to push through a $1 per spin limit to slot machines nationwide. “We had a conversation at board level about this and there’s a really strong desire from both Wesfarmers and Coles to move this along and […]

    Australians urged to leak secret information on pokies

    Three Australian politicians are calling on the public to leak secret information related to the poker machine industry, local media reports. The “Pokie-Leaks” campaign, supported by Independent MP Andrew Wilkie, Senator Larissa Waters and Nick Xenophon, with support from the Alliance for Gambling Reform will see to it that whistleblowers who come to them with […]

    Casinos, a money laundering machine: Xenophon

    Senator Nick Xenophon is pushing for a strengthening of Australia’s money laundering laws after a Chinese-Australian businessman allegedly laundered A$850 million ($641.2 million) through Melbourne’s Crown Casino. Xenophon told the Australian Financial Review that while this case involved a large sum of money, there were many other instances of money laundering that have slipped through […]

    Popular video games may soon face Xenophon’s wrath

    A number of popular video games may soon find themselves defined as gambling under a bill to be introduced by independent Senator Nick Xenophon next month, local media reports. The incoming legislation would make it illegal for games to charge for items of varying value according to chance, and add minimum age requirements on paying […]

    Betting advertising crackdown welcome, says Tabcorp

    Tabcorp’s David Attenborough has welcomed the proposed tough new stance on betting advertising, saying the crackdown is a result of the wagering industry being unable to regulate themselves adequately. According to the Australian Financial Review, the CEO said the TV ad bans proposed by crossbench federal MP Andrew Wilkie and Senator Nick Xenophon had a […]

    Coalition has own plans for gambling controls

    Human Services Minister Alan Tudge has pushed back at calls from crossbenchers for new controls on pokies and gambling advertising, AFR reports. Last week, Senator Nick Xenophon and the Tasmanian independent MP Andrew Wilkie vowed to use their key crossbench positions in the new parliament to put pokies and gambling ad controls back on the […]

    Crossbenchers to put anti-gambling controls back on agenda

    Senator Nick Xenophon and the Tasmanian independent MP Andrew Wilkie have vowed to use their key crossbench positions in the new parliament to put pokies and gambling ad controls back on the federal agenda. Among the policies include a mandatory A$1 maximum bet on poker machines, and the banning of sports betting advertising during G-rated […]

    Xenophon makes his way into the 2016 election fray

    Five crossbenchers may determine the outcome of Australia’s 2016 federal election, which is looking to head towards a hung parliament. Should this occur, the Coalition (Liberal) government will need the support of key crossbenchers, including Bob Katter, Cathy McGowan and Nick Xenophon. While willing to negotiate, Xenophon has outlined a number of issues he wishes […]

    Australia sports bodies push for in-play betting

    Australia’s leading sporting organizations have warned that a ban against licensed bookmakers from offering in-play betting has allowed illegal offshore bookmakers to flourish, threatening the integrity of their competitions. “Any amount of betting that takes place with offshore betting operators poses a relatively higher risk to maintaining the betting ­integrity of a sport when compared […]
    Problem Gambling

    Mounting losses fan anti-gambling flames

    Gambling Statistics Australia has just published its annual report showing Australians lost $23 billion (US$17.5 billion) in 2015 on gambling, up 8 percent from the previous year, with more than half of that bet on pokies. A smaller amount of $815 million was lost to sports betting, but that was a spike of 30 percent from the prior year.The data comes against rising anti-gambling sentiment in the country. But just how big is problem gambling in Australia and should the industry do more to help combat the issue. 

    Politics muddy Australian waters

    It’s not the first time we’ve had cause to write about the impact of politics on Asia’s gaming industry and it’s unlikely to be the last. This time politics are casting a shadow over Australia, where attitudes towards gambling appear to be hardening. The recent election has strengthened the position of a hardline anti-gambling crusader, who may now have a much stronger voice.