Ichiro Matsui

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    Osaka Mayor Matsui

    Osaka remains stuck with a single bidder

    The Osaka government announced on Tuesday that its effort to briefly reopen its RFP process to additional IR consortiums, did not result in any new takers.
    Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui

    Osaka IR plunged into uncertainty by referendum loss

    The prospects for the development of a major urban IR at Yumeshima, Osaka, took a sudden and unexpected turn for the worse after voters rejected the administrative reorganization proposals of the local leaders, and Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui announced his intention to retire from politics at the end of his term.

    Osaka leaders give up on firm timeline for operator selection

    Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui and Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura have indicated that, due to impact of the coronavirus, it is currently not possible to set a precise timeline for an operator consortium partner or to predict when the Yumeshima IR can finally open its doors. “During the global spread of the new coronavirus, we have had […]

    Matsui admits Osaka IR may not open until 2028

    Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui announced at a Thursday press conference that an extra six months would be necessary for IR operators to submit all of their plans for the RFP process, and that realistically the coronavirus impact will result in a one or two year delay in the opening of the Yumeshima IR, perhaps to […]

    Osaka goes to war with defiant pachinko parlors

    The Osaka prefectural and municipal governments engaged in a very public campaign to force a handful of defiant pachinko parlors to suspend their operations in line with state of emergency measures intended to slow the spread of Covid-19. While some pachinko parlors in many parts of the nation brushed off their governors’ non-binding requests to […]

    Osaka accepts IR delay and gives up on pre-World Expo opening

    Osaka has thrown in the towel on the prefectural government’s long-cherished cherished prospect of opening its Yumeshima IR before the 2025 World Expo. Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui explained, “People currently cannot travel between Japan and the United States. Opening before the World Expo was already going to be a tough climb, but with movement now […]

    Osaka mayor warns MGM against “high-handed” IR bid

    Defending himself against media questions regarding Osaka’s potential loss of leverage against the MGM Japan-Orix bid in a context in which they are now the only IR consortium bidder, Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui insisted that he was still willing to refuse their offer if it isn’t at an acceptable level. “If they try to take […]

    Osaka governor lobbies for World Expo in Malaysia and Pakistan

    Leaving no stone unturned in his campaign to win the bid to host the 2025 World Expo at Yumeshima, Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui has set off to Malaysia and Pakistan in an effort to gain their votes.

    Osaka Governor Matsui sets off to Europe to promote World Expo bid

    Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui left his typhoon-struck prefecture on Sunday for a weeklong tour of Europe, aiming to promote his bid to host the 2025 World Expo at Yumeshima island in Osaka.
    Osaka IR

    Osaka Governor Matsui wants to select IR operator within a year

    Just as he did with the IR Implementation Act, Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui, is once again pushing the national government to speed up its deliberations and to move with greater alacrity. He says that Osaka wants to tentatively select its operator partner within a year with an eye to opening the Yumeshima IR by 2024.

    Osaka governor tightens rules on IR bidding

    In anticipation of a hot bidding war among international IR operators for the Yumeshima location, Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui has begun to outline strict ethics rules for public employees when they make contact with the competing businesses. Matsui told a press conference, “If lobbying activities become too active, it is possible that public employees and […]

    Izumisano still hoping for IR

    Izumisano city in Osaka Prefecture has not given up its hopes of hosting an IR, even though rival Yumeshima has been backed by the incumbent governor.

    Osaka aims for leadership on gambling addiction policies

    The Osaka prefectural and city governments have decided to take a proactive approach to the issue of gambling addiction, wishing to promote themselves as the national leaders on this matter. Their efforts, of course, are intended to smooth the path toward the establishment of a major urban IR at Yumeshima within the context of a […]

    Osaka political party demands legislative action

    The Osaka-based Japan Innovation Party (Nippon Ishin) has demanded that the ruling party move forward immediately with gambling addiction legislation with the intention of enacting it in the current Diet session, which ends on December 9th. This demand was delivered in a face-to-face meeting inside the Diet Building on Monday between Japan Innovation Party Secretary-General […]

    Adelson says IR bill won’t allow “best” kind of IR

    Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson has criticized Japan’s planned IR legislation and warned the bill in its current form will mean a lower level of investment from his company should it win a license. On Friday afternoon, Adelson visited the Osaka Prefectural Office and held a private meeting with Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui and […]

    Osaka completes interim IR plan

    On August 31, the prefectural and city governments of Osaka unveiled their “Interim Framework Plan” for constructing an IR at Yumeshima, a manmade island in Osaka Bay. The plan speaks of creating an “IR for the highest level of growth in the world,” and it puts heavy emphasis on the employment of high technology. This […]

    Osaka Governor criticizes restrictive casino policies

    Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui, a regional politician known to be in favor of establishing IRs, has openly criticized the proposals regarding entry to casinos, now being considered by the central government, as being too restrictive. At his June 21 press conference, Governor Matsui answered reporters’ questions an IR in Osaka Prefecture for about 15 minutes. […]

    Japan’s Casino Bill champions in political decline

    The most powerful voices in Japan’s political world, who have been championing the so-called Casino Bill, have suffered reverses that seem to have dimmed the prospects for passage of the legislation. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has lost political capital pushing through deeply unpopular security legislation, while regional advocates of casinos in their cities have also lost power.