Monday, March 1, 2021
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Studio City continues VIP rolling chip operations

Studio City International Holdings announces the continuation of VIP rolling chip operations at the Studio City Casino until December 31, 2021.

Donaco junket changeover hurts VIP performance

Donaco International recorded strong performance in its main hall and slot machine businesses for the first four months of the 2018 financial year, but...

Imperial Pacific to increase VIP rebate rates

 HK-listed Imperial Pacific, owner of Best Sunshine on Saipan, has been given approval to increase the rebate rates for VIPs, local media reports. The Saipan...

Iao Kun Group announces $330 million in VIP revenue in Jan

VIP room operator Iao Kun Group Holding Company Ltd, announced unaudited rolling chip turnover for the month of January was US$330 million, down 59...

Star Vegas VIP rolling chip turnover up 43 percent in September quarter

Boutique casino operator Donaco International announced that its VIP rolling chip turnover at Star Vegas Resort and Club casino in Poipet, Cambodia, grew 43...

Iao Kun rolling chip turnover down 72 percent in July

Iao Kun Group Holding, a VIP room gaming promoter, announced its unaudited rolling chip turnover at its Macau rooms for July was $0.44 billion,...

Iao Kun rolling chip turnover down 60 percent in June

Iao Kun Group Holding announced rolling chip turnover of $0.54 billion in June at the company’s VIP rooms in Macau, down 60 percent from...

Iao Kun Group swings to profit in Q4, but issues weak 2015 VIP guidance

Iao Kun Group Holding, a junket room operator, reported it swung to a Q4 profit as revenue increased and expenses fell. The company posted a...

Iao Kun Group Jan. rolling chip turnover plunges 37 percent

Macau junket operator Iao Kun Group Holding said rolling chip turnover plunged 37 percent in January, significantly underperforming the market as a whole. The company...

All set for the FBM slots expansion campaign in Asia

FBM has been developing its slots offer over the last three years, with operations established in Europe and North America.
Life After Pogos

Life After POGOs – AGB Dossier

This Dossier results from the “Life After POGOs” editorial project by Asia Gaming Brief which culminated with a pop-up digital forum on 9th December to discuss potentials ramifications in the industry.
life after pogos

Life After POGOs – AGB Pop-Up Forum

The Philippines and Asia’s online gaming industry is going through uncertain times, with the gaming regulator seeing more and more operators leaving the country for greener pastures.
AGB Webinar - Acquiring and Retaining iGaming Customers

Acquiring & Retaining iGaming Customers

In this AGB Webinar Series, we covered the newest strategies for iGaming player acquisition and retention.
Agbriefings February 21

Asia Gaming Briefings – Feb 2021 Edition

The world is bouncing back, or at least coming to grips with the fact that going forward not much will be the same as before. Commendably, this industry quickly understood the need to adapt to a new normal, and that the days of targeting the low hanging fruit of the VIP sector are gone.
asia gaming briefings Dec 20

Asia Gaming Briefings – Dec 2020 Edition

Over the years, many of the answers have been remarkably prescient in their forecasts for the near-term direction of Asia’s gaming industry. However, we can safely say that no one came anywhere close to guessing what 2020 may have had in store.
news, macau, gambling

Asia Gaming Briefings – Nov 2020 Edition

While nowhere in the world has escaped the economic fallout from the Covid-19 crisis, Macau has been hit harder than most, with forecasts for gross domestic product to shrink more than 50 percent this year.