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Dynam seeks higher profitability amidst lower income

Hong Kong-listed pachinko firm Dynam Holdings makes clear that it is seeking higher profitability even as its income has been reduced by the impact of the Covid pandemic.
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Japan expanding scope of Covid state of emergency

Since Japan’s third Covid state of emergency was declared on April 25 in only four prefectures, it’s length and geographical scope has slowly been expanding, with Okinawa Prefecture now added to the area of its effect.

Universal Entertainment posts 21Q1 loss

Universal Entertainment Corp reported a net loss of JPY5.2 billion for the three months ended March 31, 2021. Net sales fell 64 percent to JPY14.7...

Okura Holdings to close two underperforming pachinko halls

Hong Kong-listed Okura Holdings said it was closing down two of its pachinko parlours due to intense competition in the industry and the impact of Covid.
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Pachinko industry needs new business model

Even before the Covid pandemic it was apparent that the pachinko industry, at least in its current form, possessed a dying business model. Recent events have only accelerated the trends.
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Pachinko industry dismisses Covid emergency closure requests

In response to the latest state of emergency declaration in four prefectures, it does not appear that any pachinko company has chosen to comply with their governors’ requests to suspend operations.
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New state of emergency requests pachinko business suspensions

The new state of emergency declaration in four urban Japanese prefectures includes the requirement that some pachinko parlors suspend their business operations.
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More than 100 pachinko parlors closed in March alone

March was a devastating month for Japan’s pachinko industry, with more than a hundred parlors disappearing in that short period at the end of the fiscal year.
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Pachinko revenues running 75% pre-pandemic levels

Across Japan, pachinko parlor revenues are running at about 75 percent of the levels that they attained before the onset of the Covid pandemic.
Okura Holdings

Okura Holdings

Okura Holdings is a pachinko hall operator in Japan. As at 16th April 2018, Okura Holdings have 18 pachinko halls, with a particular focus...
AGE at ICC Sydney, 2021

Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) 2021

The Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) is the place to see new products and services, network, attend thought-provoking seminars, seek business partners and generate sales....
life after pogos

Life After POGOs – AGB Pop-Up Forum

The Philippines and Asia’s online gaming industry is going through uncertain times, with the gaming regulator seeing more and more operators leaving the country for greener pastures.
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Acquiring & Retaining iGaming Customers

In this AGB Webinar Series, we covered the newest strategies for iGaming player acquisition and retention.

Regulating the Game 2021

Esports BAR Cannes

AGBriefings, June, 2021, Resorts World Las Vegas

Asia Gaming Briefings – June 2021 Edition

For this edition of our magazine, we focus on Southeast Asia, with a particular look at the Philippines. The country’s casino industry has been among the hardest hit in Asia, with the integrated resorts in Manila’s Entertainment City having remained mostly closed to the general public since the beginning of the crisis last year.
Asia Gaming Briefings, april 2021

Asia Gaming Briefings – April 2021 Edition

In this April edition of Asia Gaming Briefings we take the pulse of how the North Asia jurisdictions of Japan, Korea and the Russian Far East have fared.
Agbriefings February 21

Asia Gaming Briefings – Feb 2021 Edition

The world is bouncing back, or at least coming to grips with the fact that going forward not much will be the same as before. Commendably, this industry quickly understood the need to adapt to a new normal, and that the days of targeting the low hanging fruit of the VIP sector are gone.