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China arrests South Koreans for luring Chinese to casinos

Chinese police have arrested 13 South Korean casino managers from Grand Korea Leisure and Paradise Co suspected of luring gamblers from China to South...

Australian gamblers are biggest losers

Australians lose more money per adult on gambling than any other developed country, according to data from a London-based research firm. Data from H2 Gambling...

Only 12 percent went to Vegas to gamble in 2014

Only 12 percent of the 41.1 million visitors to Las Vegas last year came specifically to gamble, down from last year, according to a...
life after pogos

Life After POGOs – AGB Pop-Up Forum

The Philippines and Asia’s online gaming industry is going through uncertain times, with the gaming regulator seeing more and more operators leaving the country for greener pastures.
AGB Webinar - Acquiring and Retaining iGaming Customers

Acquiring & Retaining iGaming Customers

In this AGB Webinar Series, we covered the newest strategies for iGaming player acquisition and retention.
Asia Gaming Briefings, april 2021

Asia Gaming Briefings – April 2021 Edition

In this April edition of Asia Gaming Briefings we take the pulse of how the North Asia jurisdictions of Japan, Korea and the Russian Far East have fared.
Agbriefings February 21

Asia Gaming Briefings – Feb 2021 Edition

The world is bouncing back, or at least coming to grips with the fact that going forward not much will be the same as before. Commendably, this industry quickly understood the need to adapt to a new normal, and that the days of targeting the low hanging fruit of the VIP sector are gone.
asia gaming briefings Dec 20

Asia Gaming Briefings – Dec 2020 Edition

Over the years, many of the answers have been remarkably prescient in their forecasts for the near-term direction of Asia’s gaming industry. However, we can safely say that no one came anywhere close to guessing what 2020 may have had in store.