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Chinese personality Guo Meimei jailed for running illegal casino

High-profile Chinese internet personality Guo Meimei has been jailed for five years and fined 50,000 yuan ($7,800) for running an illegal casino. The 24-year-old rose...

China crackdown puts spotlight on political risk in Asia

While most countries across Asia pose some degree of political risk, Taiwan is perhaps one of the more complex jurisdictions due to its relations with neighbouring China.Domestic politics, public opinion and cross-straits relations may all play a part as the island debates moves to allow a casino industry on its outlying islands. Bill Bryson, a senior advisor at Global Market Advisors, outlines some of the risks and mitigating factors.a)  Possible change of ruling party: Taiwan is a full-fledged democracy, in which all elected government positions, including the President, are directly elected by the people of Taiwan. The current ruling party, the Chinese Nationalist Party (“KMT”), is generally favorably disposed towards creating a casino gaming industry and has a clear majority in the Taiwan legislature. The current opposition party, the Democratic Progressive Party (“DPP”), is generally not favorably disposed towards casino gaming, but is less concerned about the establishment of casino gaming on Kinmen and Matsu since it does not consider those two islands, which sit just off the coast of Fujian Province within sight of the Chinese mainland, to be part of Taiwan.

Reporter exposes China lottery corruption

A Xinhua News Agency reporter wrote a letter to China’s Ministry of Finance claiming that state-owned lottery enterprise, China Lottery Online Co, is engaged...

No legal grounds to strip Russia, Qatar of World Cup events

FIFA has responded to claims that Russia and Qatar could lose the right to host the World Cup events if evidence is presented showing...

Seven FIFA officials arrested on corruption charges

Seven serving FIFA officials including the current CONCACAF president were arrested in Switzerland on U.S. corruption charges and face extradition. Swiss police arrested the seven,...

AFC and ICSS partner to enhance safety and security in Asian football

The Asian Football Confederation and the International Centre for Sport Security have signed a partnership agreement to strengthen safety and security in Asian football. The...

Foreman working on Zhuhai Bridge jailed 15 months

A senior foreman working on the Zhuhai-Macau bridge was sentenced to 15 months in jail after being found guilty of trying to bribe a...

Engineers bribed to falsify soil tests

Macau’s Commission Against Corruption has found that two Civil Engineering Laboratory employees were bribed by an engineering company to falsify soil tests in a...

Chinese police track down suspect in Australia

Taking China’s anti-graft campaign one step further, Chinese police discretely traveled last year to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to get a Chinese-born tour...

Macau VIP rooms closing amid corruption clampdown

Some 50 VIP rooms in Macau may close amid China’s clampdown on corruption, the Macau Daily reported, citing unnamed sources. The rooms have also cut...
Life After Pogos

Life After POGOs – AGB Dossier

This Dossier results from the “Life After POGOs” editorial project by Asia Gaming Brief which culminated with a pop-up digital forum on 9th December to discuss potentials ramifications in the industry.

Australian market report: How to adapt to the new normal

Covid-19 forced the rapid and unexpected closure of venues across Australia, changing the operating environment with unprecedented speed and leaving managers scrambling to adapt...
life after pogos

Life After POGOs – AGB Pop-Up Forum

The Philippines and Asia’s online gaming industry is going through uncertain times, with the gaming regulator seeing more and more operators leaving the country for greener pastures.
AGB Webinar - Acquiring and Retaining iGaming Customers

Acquiring & Retaining iGaming Customers

In this AGB Webinar Series, we covered the newest strategies for iGaming player acquisition and retention.
AGB Webinar Attracting Players, Not Fraudsters

Attracting players, not fraudsters

With sports betting restarting we are now seeing traffic levels return to pre-COVID levels. The same is unfortunately true for fraudulent activities as operators tempt players, both new and existing, with lucrative bonuses and attractive game offerings.
asia gaming briefings Dec 20

Asia Gaming Briefings – Dec 2020 Edition

Over the years, many of the answers have been remarkably prescient in their forecasts for the near-term direction of Asia’s gaming industry. However, we can safely say that no one came anywhere close to guessing what 2020 may have had in store.
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Asia Gaming Briefings – Nov 2020 Edition

While nowhere in the world has escaped the economic fallout from the Covid-19 crisis, Macau has been hit harder than most, with forecasts for gross domestic product to shrink more than 50 percent this year.
asia gaming briefings OCT 20

Asia Gaming Briefings – Oct 2020 Edition

Before the Covid-19 crisis, tourism in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region was at a record high, on track to welcome 80 million visitors in 2019, generating some $90 billion in revenue.