Paradise City launches exclusive Wonderbox campaign

As a measure to recover business as well as adapt to Covid-19 era realities, Paradise City is launching a special campaign at its new Wonderbox indoor theme park.

The program will allow customers to rent out the entire facility for exclusive use, which could then be used for elaborate birthday parties or marriage proposals or other similar occasions.

An advantage of this approach is that it is expected to thin out crowding at the facility and thus provide a safer environment vis-a-vis the coronavirus.

The facility includes candy wagons, ten rides, including a carousel and ferris wheel, and nine kinds of carnival games. There are also roulette events with a variety of prizes, and the chance for customers to wear carnival costumes.

Wonderbox is situated in a two-story building at Paradise City and covers an area of over 3,900 square meters. It opened at the end of March 2019.