South Korean foreigner-only casino operator Grand Korea Leisure saw a sharp drop in casino sales in May, at KRW25.23 billion ($19.46 million) – down some 44.5 percent from April.

Despite the monthly drop, the figure was still a 39 percent improvement over May of 2022.

A significant fall in table games revenue prompted the overall fall, down 48.2 percent monthly, to KRW21.85 billion ($16.79 million), still up 35.1 percent yearly.

Meanwhile, machine revenue was up both monthly a yearly, by 2.4 percent m-o-m and 70.6 percent y-o-y, to KRW3.46 billion ($2.65 million).

During the month, the group saw a 2.9 percent drop in drop amount, at KRW287.56 billion ($221.02 million). The figure was a 107.4 percent yearly increase, however.

During the first five months of the year, the group saw triple-digit yearly rises in casino revenue – up 154 percent overall, to KRW178.48 billion ($137.17 million).

Table games revenue was up 165.5 percent yearly over the five months, at KRW163.26 billion ($125.47 million), while machine revenue was up 73.3 percent yearly, to KRW15.24 billion ($11.71 million).

Drop during the five months totaled KRW1.33 trillion ($1.02 billion), up 151.4 percent yearly.