Belle reconfirms Ocier’s comments on expansion

Philippine casino investor Belle Corp. has reconfirmed the comments made by vice chairman Willy Ocier surrounding its plans to expand its City of Dreams Manila project.

In a PSE filing from the company on Wednesday, Belle Corp said it “confirms the quotes in the news article” – referring to that posted by the Manila Standard on Monday.

It noted however, “that any matters regarding expansion of City of Dreams Manila are still being explored at this time, and no definite plans have been made as of yet.

Melco Crown’s Philippines subsidiary on Tuesday backed away from comments made by Ocier.

In a filing on Tuesday, the company noted it “[had] no prior knowledge of the statement made by Mr. Ocier on behalf of Belle Corp.”

MCP additionally noted that “the company’s operations are carried out by its own management team and Belle Corporation is not involved in the day to day management of MCP and not authorized to speak on behalf of MCP.”