No plans for casino yet: QC government

The Quezon City government says they have not received any formal applications for the development of a casino in the city, local media reports.

The 38-member council issued a statement on Tuesday in response to an open letter from “concerned citizens of Quezon City” that was published in newspapers earlier in the week, according to The Inquirer.

The letter, which was addressed to President Rodrigo Duterte and the councilors, said that the opening of a casino would have a negative influence on the youth.

However, the council maintained that there were no plans yet for the development of a casino.

“For the information of the general public, the City Council has not received any application from Bloomberry or any gaming industry operator signifying their intention to establish a casino in Quezon City,” it wrote.

In September, Bloomberry Resorts Corp chairman and founder Enrique Razon said he was pushing ahead with plans for the company’s second casino, in Quezon City.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Razon said construction of the $418 million resort in Manila may start mid-next year and could be finished in 2019.