Four suspects identified in POGO worker kidnapping

Philippines police have identified four Chinese suspects in the kidnapping of a Chinese Philippine offshore gaming operator (POGO) employee in Makati on December 9. 

One of the suspects, Guo Wanshun, however, has already left the country, three days after the abduction of Zhou Mei. 

The other three suspects, Song Xifei, Guo Ebin, and Zhang Xipeng remain at large in the country. 

According to police, they are looking at the possibility that the kidnapping of Zhou was work-related – as the four suspects are POGO workers themselves. 

The number of kidnappings on Chinese nationals has risen by 71 percent from 2018 to 2019, according to data from the Philippines National Police, reports Rappler. 

There were 34 victims of kidnappings in 2018, a number which has shot up to 58 as of November 2019. 

The increase has been linked to the flourishing of the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operation (POGO) sector, which has seen thousands of Chinese workers flock to the country.