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New South Wales calls for comment on amendments to betting and wagering law


New South Wales is calling for comments on plans to update its wagering laws, which will include new measures to reduce gambling harm. 

The Betting and Racing Regulation and Totalizator Regulation cover gambling harm minimisation measures such as counseling services, penalty notice prescriptions, allowable TAB shareholdings, and special exemptions.

They are both due to expire in September 2022 and are up for statutory review.

CEO of Hospitality and Racing, Anthony Keon, said statutory reviews ensure the law remains contemporary and its objectives align with changing industry and community expectations.

“A large proportion of the community derive great pleasure from wagering and enjoy placing a bet without it becoming a problem,” Keon said.

“The protections in the Regulations not only create sustainability for the industry, but certainty for the community that licensees are fit to conduct gambling, that penalties are fair and proportionate and that there is communication and engagement with people who do experience gambling harms. 

“Essentially, the Regulations support the legislation and are there to set the standards around the conduct of betting service providers so punters can freely pursue wagering as a safe form of leisure and entertainment.” 

The draft Regulations propose additional penalties for offenses as an alternative to prosecution through the courts. There will be a ban on inducement offers of free entry into a competition being conditional on having a betting account, while the annual fee collection will be adjusted annually for inflation. 

The amendments would also enable the government to change the wording of mandatory counseling and gambling help notices as the evidence base evolves, without having to change legislation.

“With this consultation, we are looking to capture the interests of all stakeholders to ensure a thriving wagering industry can also operate in the community’s interests,” Keon said.

Sharon Singleton
Sharon Singleton
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