Donald Trump wins Macau trademark battle

Billionaire and TV personality Donald Trump has come on top in a long-running legal battle in Macau over the Trump trademark, local media reports.

A recent Macau court decision has authorized Trump to use his trademarks in two categories – hospitality and food and beverage businesses.

The lengthy legal battle involved Trump Companhia Limitada, which registered the trademark “Trump” in 2006 under the category of coffee shops, restaurants and catering.

In 2012, after Macau Economic Services accepted trademark requests filed by Trump, and local business Trump Companhia Limitada took the case to the Court of First Instance.

At the time, the court concluded the Trump trademark – held by the local company – is still valid under the category that it had been registered for – restaurant services. While the decision allowed Trump’s trademarks to be associated with hospitality activities, it did not allow it to be used in restaurants and businesses alike.

Trump filed an appeal to the Second Instance Court, which has  now ruled in his favour as the local company’s trademark had already expired.