Occupancy rate of Macau hotels down 77% in February

The average occupancy rate of guest rooms in Macau fell by 76.9 percent in February, due mainly to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to statistics from the Macau government. 

According to statistics, there were only 157,000 guests in Macau’s hotel and guesthouses in February, down 85.4 percent year-on-year. 

A total of 115 hotels and guest houses were operating in February, with available guest rooms down 3.8 percent to 37,000. Occupancy rate was a mere 15 percent in the month. 

The fall in occupancy rate was felt mainly by 5-star hotels, which fell 84 percentage points to 10 percent, while 2-star and 3-star hotels saw a smaller fall in occupancy rates, as some of their rooms were provided to non-resident workers for accomodation. 

The pandemic also caused a sharp decline in the number of visitors on package tours, with only 200 package tour visitors in February.