LVS awarded FAB trademark by Court of Appeal

Las Vegas Sands was awarded the right to register the trademark ‘FAB’, or Fast Action Baccarat, by the Court of Final Appeal, local media reported citing a court statement.

The case relates to an objection Galaxy Entertainment raised in 2013 over LVS’ right to register the trademark, which subsequently led to the authorities rejecting LVS’ application in 2014.

LVS later won at the Court of Second Instance, prompting GEG to appeal again to the Court of Final Appeal but lost, meaning ‘FAB’ is now reserved for LVS.

The statement says that the court decided the acronym FAB does not represent any quality or feature of the gaming product, whereas ‘Fast Action Baccarat’ does and therefore can not be granted to them as a trademark, The Macau Business Daily reported.

In addition, the court denied processing GEG’s accusation that LVS’s behaviour had the intention of unfair competition and violated good business customs, saying that GEG failed to raise such reasoning at an earlier stage of the litigation process.