Macau gambling-related crimes rise 38 percent in 2015

Crimes related to the gambling industry jumped 38 percent in 2015 to a total of 1,553 cases, local media reports, citing figures from the Judiciary Police.

Overall crime cases grew 5.3 percent to 11,305, according to the annual report.

The largest proportion of gambling crimes were kidnappings related to loan sharking with 366 cases, that almost five-and-a-half times more than in 2014 and about 10 times more than in 2013.

However, crimes related to daily-life retreated, namely crimes of fraud were down 13.8 percent, IT crimes down 9.3 percent and theft down 14.8 percent. Aggravated theft was down 60 percent.

One case of homicide was recorded, the same number as in 2014.