Pagcor official considers pursuing action against Wynn in U.S.

Wynn Macau

Former Pagcor official Rogelio Yusi Bangsil Jr. has decided not to follow up on his appeal against Wynn Macau, and is instead now pondering taking the case to the U.S. courts.

Bangsil first began litigation against Wynn Macau in 2014, accusing Wynn Macau of unlawfully disclosing his personal information in order to oust former Wynn director Kazuo Okada.

At the time, Bangsil said the allegations led to the tarnishing of his integrity and career.

In March, the Macau Court of First Appeal (TJB) made a final decision favoring Wynn Macau in the damages lawsuit.

Bangsil in July said he intended to appeal the TJB decision, but has now told Macau News Agency that after “considering additional the legal fees” he has decided not to follow up with the appeal in Macau.

Bangsil told MNA that he believes he was not able to appropriately prove his claim, citing “faulty” Chinese to English translations during court proceedings.

He now intends to pursue legal proceedings against Wynn in the U.S.

“Since in my case the violation was actually done in the US, I may have better chances of getting justice there. I’m consulting now with US lawyers to file the case there,” said Bangsil.