Macau hotels still serving sharks fin

By David Clode

Only nine out of 33 hotels have completely removed sharks fin from their menus, Macau News Agency reported marine conservation society BLOOM Hong Kong as saying.

The result is an improvement from a 2013 survey, which found only two of the hotels surveyed were no longer serving the dishes.

The most recent survey also indicated that 10 of the 24 hotels that still serve shark’s fin dishes do not display these dishes on the menu but will serve them upon request whilst the remaining 14 would provide alternatives for customers on the menu, the report found.

“I’m very happy to see that there seem to be some more initiatives in different places, which was not the case before. But as you can see there are still several who are still serving or might not have the procurement policy in place for sustainable seafood. So, at the end of the day we still have to see the end results and policies to really see how much has changed,” BLOOM’s Marine Programme Director, Stan Shea, told MNA.

Sharks fin, considered a delicacy in China, is one of the key reasons leading to a fall in global shark populations. The fin is sliced off the shark, which is then thrown back into the sea to die.

The sale and consumption of shark’s fin is not banned in Macau.