Social Welfare Bureau to study local gambling habits

Macau’s Social Welfare Bureau has commissioned a study on the Macau residents’ participation in gambling activities.

The study is said to help the government better plan its services for people with gambling disorders, said the bureau on Monday.

The focus will be on the participation of Macau residents in gambling activities, their views towards gambling, their understanding of gambling disorders and the prevalence of gambling disorders among the local population.

A telephone survey will be conducted with Macau residents from July 20 to August 19, said the bureau.

Earlier this year, the bureau reported that the number of individuals in Macau seeking help for gambling related problems was increasing. According to its annual report, the number of individuals seeking help grew to 147 in 2015, up from 141 in 2014 and 134 in 2013.

The data showed that of those seeking help for a gambling problem, 73 percent were males, 84 percent were residents of Macau and 7.5 percent were residents of Hong Kong.