Casino security officer arrested for running loan shark business

The chief of security in a casino in Taipa has been arrested for allegedly running a loan shark business, Macau TDM reports.

The suspect, identified as a Nepalese man that worked at a casino in Taipa, would allegedly lend money to his colleagues and charge them a monthly interest rate of seven percent.

It is understood that most of the borrowers were migrant workers from India.

Police were tipped off after one of them refused to pay him back and sought help from the police.

“Foreign workers in Macau usually send their money back to where they are from and, in these cases, the three victims are all from India,” said Judiciary Police spokesman Choi Ian Fai.

“They wanted to send more money back home and borrowed money first from the suspect even though he charges them a very high interest.”

Police believe more victims may be involved.