Sands China concerned over misleading viral video

Sands China has refuted an online video purporting to show Sands China’s current team member accommodations, which has made its rounds across social media.

Sands said the video contains footage of a temporary rest area that was prepared for team members during a typhoon in the past. 

The company takes the health and wellbeing of team members very seriously, and is committed to taking welfare measures such as providing hotel accommodations for team members in need of temporary housing during this difficult time of the novel coronavirus outbreak.”

Sands China said it was concerned over the misleading information about the company which has been circulating and subsequently causing unnecessary anxiety among the public.

Sands China wishes to clarify that the rumor is not true, and reserves the right to take legal action.”

The company has released a current image of the ballroom featured in the video – proving that it is not being used for team accomodation.