No plan yet on how to enforce frontline worker ban

The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau has not yet come up with a surveillance plan to prevent frontline casino employees from gaming outside of work hours, Macau Business Daily reports.

Chan said that the Bureau will work closely with the Office for Personal Data Protection (GPDP), and that the plan was to employ inspections by third parties – rather than sharing employee information between casino properties.

“Currently, we have no plans to set up a database for sharing employee information between [casino] properties,” said Paulo Martins Chan on the sidelines of the third public consultation.

As well as access restrictions for frontline casino employees, also proposed are prohibitions for people under 21 years of age into casinos, as well as a more streamlined process to punish offenders.

“The current law does not invest casino inspectors with the authority to seize gaming chips in cases of infraction, and this needs to be corrected,” stated Chan.

During the first public consultation, Chan said he expected the proposal to be delivered to the Legislative Assembly (AL) by the beginning of 2018.