Lowering gaming taxes could save jobs: Madureira

Gaming law expert Óscar Alberto Madureira on Wednesday said that the lowering of gaming taxes on casinos could save wages and jobs in the industry that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a report from Macau Business.

Madureira made the comments during an online webinar, hosted by the Rui Cunha Foundation on Wednesday night. 

He said that high costs, particularly related to labor, and the revenue crisis should force more intervention from the Macau government to either: extend licenses of the current operators, or collect less tax. 

However, gaming expert Alidad Tash, another participant in the webinar, said it was not the time to consider lowering taxes for gaming operations or extending licenses, as it was a sensitive geopolitical issue. 

He also noted that the first ‘casualty’ of the crisis is foreign workers – who will likely experience the first wave of layoffs or cuts in salary.