Macau tourist price index undergoes first decline since 2002

Cheaper hotel accommodation in Macau has brought the tourist price index down for the third quarter by 2.72 percent year-on-year to 131.46, the first decline since the third quarter of 2002. 

The price index of accommodation fell 10.88 percent, followed by clothing and footwear at 6.96 percent.

The TPI in 15Q3 reflects “lower charges for hotel accommodation and reduced prices of clothing” the government said in a statement.

Compared to the previous quarter, 15Q3 fell by 2.34 percent.  The price index of clothing and footwear and accommodation fell by 6.78 percent and 5.28 percent, respectively, “due to seasonal sale of ladies’ summer clothing and lower hotel room rate.”

However, higher airfare drove up the price index of transport and communications by 1.67 percent quarter-on-quarter.