Macau’s tourist price index up 0.82 percent in 15Q2

Macau’s tourist price index for 15Q2 increased by 0.82 percent year-on-year to 134.61, attributable to the price increase for restaurant services and local food products, according to official data.

The TPI, which indicates the price change of goods and services purchased by visitors, reflected an increase in the price index of entertainment and cultural activities, which rose by 5.74 percent; restaurant services, up 5.13 percent; and food, alcohol and tobacco consumption, up 4.50 percent. 

In contrast, the price index of accommodation decreased by 2.82 percent year-on-year due to lower room rates for three-and four-star hotels.

TPI for 15Q2 dropped by 7.92 percent quarter-to-quarter. The price index of accommodation and transport and communications fell by 27.13 percent and 4.40 percent, respectively, on account of lower hotel room rate and airfare after the Lunar New Year.