Innovative lineup of titles

Fishing Royal is a game with innovative gameplay mechanics. Catch as many fish as you can in Fishing Royale to receive huge bonuses and progress through different level setups. With many bonus stages and levels that change the gameplay immensely. Fishing Royale also has amazing tablet controls allowing it to be played cross platform so that everyone can join in the fun.

Burst Block is a new impressive game in Inteplay’s lineup which provides endless entertainment. Burst Block is a unique take on a classic slot style game. Instead of watching the prizes spin by, the player smashes open blocks never knowing what may lie beneath.

With each new set of blocks comes a completely randomized set of symbols giving the player a fair chance at winning big no matter how many rounds they play.

Caribbean poker is a fresh take on the traditional game Poker. This new style of five card poker gives the player a unique advantage over the dealer allowing the player to see one of the dealer’s cards before deciding whether or not to stay or double their bet.

Inteplay has also revealed the latest addition to their collection of video slot games, Candy Club. The slot game features a fairytale candy theme with a mission-based game consisting of three levels.

The main attraction however, is the bonus Eat Candy stage. After the player clears all 3 levels, Eat Candy stage is unlocked. During the bonus stage, the player receives a base credit of 1000 and final payout of the round is 30 percent of everything won in this bonus round plus 1000 credits. Should the player’s winnings in this round fall under 1000, the player still receives 1000 credit.

Every bet made contributes to the Jackpot, it is won once the winning combination appears.

As well as this, Inteplay will also present its new innovative online casino game, King of Fruits.  
The game is a traditional fruit machine game. Using the classical and famous symbols – apple, orange, grape, bell, watermelon, star, 7 and BAR, and 1 new special symbol Good Luck.
The player can then decide how much they wish to bet on the individual symbol and then have the chance to win the big prizes which is different for each symbol.

Attendees can find Inteplay at stand 1513.