Police detain man in VIP room scam

Macau’s Judiciary Police caught a man who was seeking to leave the territory following a scam in which he defrauded two Singaporean women by convincing them to invest $50,000 each in a VIP room, local media reports.

The two women met the 52-year-old male in Singapore last year. He told them he owned a company operating a VIP room in a Macau casino. On Dec. 18th, the two women travelled to Macau where they deposited the sum in an account in that room.

Claiming the contract would be signed later, he then disappeared leaving no contact the report said, without identifying the VIP room.

The suspect reportedly admitted that the money was promptly withdrawn from the account right after the deposit, admitting also that he was never involved with the VIP room aside from having an open account there. He also said that he lost all the money in gambling.