Wynn Macau makes donation to support University of Macau

Wynn Macau believes that there is no commitment more valuable and inspiring than education and the preparation of young people for a successful life in a changing world. As one of its most far-reaching corporate social responsibility initiatives, Wynn Macau sponsors annual scholarships and donations to local schools and universities in a bid to accelerate the nurturing of local talent. 

Therefore, to support the long-term development of the University of Macau and its Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management, Wynn Resorts (Macau) S.A. recently donated MOP80 million to the University of Macau Development Foundation. This recent donation is part of a long-term commitment made by Wynn Resorts (Macau) S.A. to UMDF back in 2011.

With the generous donation and the tremendous support from Wynn Resorts (Macau) S.A., APAEM conducts independent and pioneering research by outstanding researchers, societal leaders, and business managers. APAEM boasts a strong teaching and advisory team comprised of well-known scholars and business leaders, including three Nobel Prize laureates serving on its Honorary Advisory Board. To nurture more internationally competitive and socially responsible future leaders for Macau and the Asia-Pacific region, APAEM has held conferences and forums in recent years by inviting well-known economists, entrepreneurs and Nobel Prize laureates to share their insights. Meanwhile, APAEM provides a platform for these outstanding scholars to work on different research projects and organize executive and leadership programs. This aims to establish a world-class research, executive development and advisory hub to develop regional policies and nurture the new generation of leaders for the Asia-Pacific region, in turn becoming the leading international center for the study of economic and business development for the Asia-Pacific region.