Chinese visitors up 16 percent at start of Golden Week

All signs point towards a record breaking month for gaming revenues in Macau, with Chinese tourists up 16 percent from the same period last year, said analysts at Deutsche Bank.  

The strong demand from mainland Chinese visitors helped to push up average daily hotel rates, which were at full occupancy.  The rise in Chinese tourists was offset by a decline in Hong Kong visitors, many of whom took advantage of the Sheraton Macau Hote’s introductory rate of HK$888 per night last year.  The rise in Chinese tourists is positive for gaming revenues as the average bet for Chinese players is higher than for Hong Kong visitors at $4,200 per head compared with $1,800 for HK customers.  The strong rise in Chinese visitors is despite a ban by the Chinese government on travel agencies offering “zero fare tours” to avoid tourists being forced to buy products from stores where the agents get commission.