More illegal internet casino busts in Tokyo and Osaka

Police continue to take down illegal internet casinos across the nation, with the latest round including the bust of one casino in the Ueno district of Tokyo and another in the Yodogawa Ward of Osaka.

The Ueno bust of a shop called Ace netted three arrests. Police said that the shop had gained about 700 customers since it opened last December, and its income over that period was approximately JPY200 million (about $2 million).

The Yodogawa Ward bust also involved the arrests of three people. In this case the shop was named Lemon, but fewer details were released about the shop’s history and its income levels.

These busts make three major internet casinos taken down by police since the beginning of July. Last week, the police announced that eight people had been arrested in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo in connection with an illegal internet casino that gathered a significant proportion of its patrons from among mainland China visitors.