Illegal casino-related busts in Nagoya and Tokyo

Police continue to announce busts related to illegal casinos in major cities across the country, with two fresh cases in Nagoya and the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo coming just this week, netting a total of four arrests.

On Tuesday evening in Nagoya, police busted an illegal slot casino called “Gotham,” arresting two workers and a patron. Police said this shop offered so-called “dark slots” since last December where patrons could bet large amounts of money. A total of 34 slot machines were seized from the premises.

Just hours later on Wednesday morning, police arrested a 39-year-old yakuza on suspicion of playing the role of enforcer for an illegal casino in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, for which he was allegedly paid JPY10 million (about $94,000).

There was an additional case last week in the Ueno district of Tokyo in which seven men were arrested on charges of extortion aimed at those who had lost money at illegal casinos.