Melco Promotes Sustainable Seafood Policies

Melco Resorts & Entertainment is making a stronger commitment to purchase seafood products from sustainable fisheries and farms, explaining that “healthy and productive oceans are important for both marine ecosystems and the communities that rely on them for their livelihood.”

In this connection, Melco recently hosted a joint training workshop with the Marine Stewardship Council to raise awareness in sustainable seafood sourcing, with participation from thirty Melco employees and fifteen seafood supplier representatives.

Denise Chen, Melco senior vice-president and chief sustainability officer, commented, “The ambitious environmental goals listed in Melco’s recently-published Sustainability and CSR Report continue to focus our efforts in sustainability. In food and beverage, we are pleased to have introduced sustainable sourcing guidelines which outline our preference for wild-caught Marine Stewardship Council certified seafood, as well as those certified by other international organizations such as Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Best Aquaculture Practices.”

She added, “We endeavor to continue increasing the percentage of seafood purchased from sustainable sources, and to engage a greater number of suppliers to support our efforts in the area through initiatives and events such as that of the recent training session.” (AGB Nippon)