Business consortium makes concrete IR proposal to Chiba city government

The Chiba city government revealed that it has received on May 20 a concrete proposal to build an IR near Makuhari Messe from an unnamed consortium of local city businesses.

Mayor Toshihito Kumagai has yet to commit himself one way or the other, telling the media last Friday, “Since we have now received a plan based on the IR Implementation Act, I believe it is time for us to more deeply investigate the possibility of an IR in the Makuhari district.”

Building upon the extant Makuhari Messe convention center, the plan calls for the Chiba IR to possess the largest MICE facilities in Japan, serving the entire capital region. It would also build upon the current Zozo Marine Stadium to create a huge domed ballpark.

Another attraction emphasized in the proposal is the already excellent transportation infrastructure in the area, including its location between the heart of Tokyo and Narita Airport.

While Chiba has not been regarded as a major candidate for IR development, that could change quickly if local political leaders embrace the initiative and if the other candidates in the vast capital region—Yokohama and Tokyo—clearly drop out of the race.