Wynn sees lessons for Japan in Encore Boston Harbor

Wynn Resorts Development Japan President Chris Gordon held a presentation for journalists last week in which he introduced Encore Boston Harbor to a Japanese audience and suggested that there were useful lessons for a major urban IR in Japan as well.

“All of the components of an IR in Japan we have at the Boston Integrated Resort, with the exception of the tourist platform that we would be adding in Japan to make sure that we are able to cultivate tourism throughout the country, not just at the IR,” he said.

Gordon also emphasized the advanced environmental designs that Wynn Resorts has in mind: “We’re already working with consultants with ideas for Japan. We think we can create a very very low carbon footprint building… We’re working with some of the best experts in the world to understand the Japan climate, not today but for the future, and how to build a building that would be very adapted to that.”

Another focus, however, is the human element of an IR: “Our approach is that buildings don’t make people happy. They help, but they don’t make people happy. What makes them happy is a human employee who talks to them, helps them, serves them, works for them—and it really creates a better environment.”

In the Q&A session, Gordon wouldn’t say much about Wynn’s potential consortium partners in Japan. In fact, he said even less than Wynn CEO Matt Maddox had revealed in a recent interview with CNBC: “We have a consortium we’re working within various cities that we think will be one of the best competitors.”