AGTech launches Indian shopping and gaming platform

AGTech Holdings has announced the launch of a new casual gaming and shopping platform in India, called the Gamepind Platform.

Launched on Monday in joint venture with India’s Paytm, the Gamepind Platform allows online users to participate in and play various casual games while online shopping at the same time.

Through the platform, online users may purchase products or services from merchants at special discounts through engaging in various types of casual games and other online activities offered, and experience an innovative entertainment and shopping model.

The Gamepind Platform also allows merchants to market and promote their products or services through various marketing models.

“India’s young consumers are experimenting and discovering more entertainment options on the mobile. AGTech’s expertise and experience in the global gaming market will help us accelerate our plans in gaming and bring exciting content to our users,” said Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of Paytm, quoted by Economic Times.

The joint venture marks AGTech’s first foray into India, which it said allows it to “capture the opportunities arising from the fast-growing mobile entertainment market and increasing interest in mobile games from Indian customers.”

The new deal also marks the first significant global business expansion of the group since becoming a member of the Alibaba Group.