India announces first major professional league for eSports

eSports has become the latest sport in India to have a major professional league with the announcement of the new Indian Gaming League, according to the Economic Times in India.

Founded by cousins Yash Pariani and Krish Galani, IGL is the newest franchise-based league in the country focused on the growing eSports market in India. The league has already achieved a startling amount of local interest, reportedly receiving up to 1000 competitive entries within the first two weeks of opening, according to the news source.

The IGL plans to base its business model along the lines of the Indian Premier League model, where there will be six city-based franchises for each game featured, including FIFA, Counter-Strike, Halo, League of Legends, Battlefield, Call of Duty and DOTA.

The league reportedly also sponsors by Major League Gaming, Sony Playstation, Redbull and Paytm.

eSports, or ‘‘Electronic Sports’, has been achieving rapid growth in US, China and Korea over the years, now boasting a strong infrastructural background and proven financial model. India’s esports market is smaller, worth around $500 – $600 million according to Yash Pariani, but says there is room for growth.