FeedConstruct, the real-time data and digital content provider, will accept FTN as a payment method starting February 1, 2023.

This development proposes that FeedConstruct will enable its present and future partners to perform all transactions with Fasttoken (FTN). Moreover, choosing FTN as a payment method will give some extra advantages.

FeedConstruct has been constantly looking forward to bringing its partners even closer to the most innovative changes, thus providing new opportunities for them to stay ahead of the game.

FeedConstruct is a real-time sports data and digital content provider, offering data and video content for the most popular events worldwide. Formerly, the company started with four critical data feed solutions.

FeedConstruct has grown to be one of the leaders in the sports data-providing world. FeedConstruct’s mission is to cooperate with content providers and content consumers to create the best sports data.

The purchased content undergoes development and analysis and becomes fit to be delivered to content users. FeedConstruct’s client base ranges from leagues to broadcasters and betting websites.

FeedConstruct’s objective is to deliver the latest sporting observations to clients quickly and securely.