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WDTS: Driving win through novel analytics and predictive modeling


WDTS, the technology leader for table games automation, game protection, chip security, and loss prevention, now adds novel analytics and predictive modeling so casinos can win more and keep more using Perfect Pay Baccarat’s bet-by-bet player tracking feature.

Historically, understanding player value, risk, and profitability in table games has relied on intermittent, error-prone and highly subjective manual ratings occasionally weighted by assessments of player speed and skill. Despite the drawbacks and labor expense needed to collect manual player ratings, it has been the only way to attempt to target and develop the most profitable player segments while avoiding loss and protecting scarce marketing dollars.

Today, automated RFID-enabled bet-by-bet payer tracking has made manual player tracking obsolete and eliminated every barrier to collecting precise, real-time data that exactly captures actual and theoretical win per player and powers AI-driven predictive models, which gain greater accuracy over time and with more data.

Stephen Moore, CEO of WDTS, explains that “RFID takes analog data like player behavior and converts it to digital. Once digital, the granularity of data allows us to deploy exciting new business intelligence products and solutions integrated into casino floor operations as part of the Perfect Pay suite of applications.”

Perfect Pay’s real-time analysis solutions can determine player segments that drive win versus player segments that drive loss; quantify the impact of free hands-on player profitability across player segments; assess the impact of money-management behaviors on player win rates, and identify player betting patterns that shape player decisions influencing hand count and average bet. Additionally, a specialized side-bet vulnerability model maintains the optimal ‘true-count’ system for every side and propositional bet to identify high-risk players and shoes. 

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